Late night ferries and metro cards have taken Jordan Barone, beyond the New York City borders- and to the Red Planet. As one of the city’s youngest and leading audio engineers, he continues to make his borough, Staten Island, proud as an artist and producer.

Jordan was first introduced to music through classical piano training as a child.  Now, a decorated pianist, producer, and artist, he has accumulated an impressive list of accolades. As an audio engineer, he has spent his time in the trenches of the NYC recording studio circuit. Although Jordan assembled a lavish stockpile of knowledge from some of the industry’s top engineers, he sought official validation when he enrolled in SAE-NY, the leading authority on music industry and technology education. While a student, he was selected to participate in the prestigious Mix With the Masters seminar in Avignon, France with the legendary engineer, Young Guru.

While humbled by recognition from industry peers, Jordan has also grossed respect with his upcoming endeavors. Red Planet Records, LLC was formed in 2014 with his older brother, Stefan Barone. Together, they constructed Red Planet Studios, a physical testament to their proficiency in sound, and the science behind it.

Although his stamp on the world has made cameo appearances through production and engineering, Jordan is ready to have his voice heard. Now, he embarks on his journey as an artist, encapsulating his late nights in the city, and ferrying the experience back to the forgotten borough.  Such a quest echoes a fusion of Billy Joel meets Drake, encompassing the singer/songwriter narrative and elements of hip-hop. Whether serenading you with his fingers latched to the piano or taking you through space with synthesizer-infused production, Jordan grants access to his subconscious and how it interacts with the creative city environment.