Red Planet Studios, in Staten Island, NY, was co-founded by Jordan Barone and Stefan Barone. It serves as the headquarters for all Red Planet Records’ artists and affiliates, methodically constructed to deliver quality content.

The studio’s chief engineer, Jordan Barone, earned his Audio Technology diploma from SAE Institute NY, and has completed internships with Premier Studios and Blastoff Productions, both in the heart of Times Square, NYC. While earning his degree, Jordan was selected to attend the prestigious Mix With The Masters seminars at Studio La Fabrique (Avignon, France) to study with the legendary Young Guru. Besides serving as the Chief Engineer at Red Planet Studios, he currently holds a full time position engineering position at Blastoff Productions.

Follow Along

We invite the inhabitants of the Red Planet to follow our progress, and use what we have learned to achieve their own success. It is our philosophy to operate with an open-book policy when possible. Our music is the product of everything we have learned, and the technology and resources we have utilized. Therefore, we have documented and invite you to have a look at our mission control.