Stefan Barone is the C.E.O. and co-founder of the independent record label, Red Planet Records. The Staten Island native artist and producer, was brought to Hip-Hop through the transformation of adversity into positive action. Engaged in the arts early on, Stefan was introduced to music and passion for New York City through dance, seizing a respectable inventory of accolades in his youth. However, Stefan’s accolades were received with intolerance amongst some peers during his early teens, and became a source of bullying. Lyrics became the chosen outlet for all of the emotions involved, and hip-hop provided the structure.

Building a rudimentary recording studio at the age of 12, Stefan generated elements of what would eventually become Red Planet Records. During his late teens, Stefan and others in the collective would create mixtapes and organize showcases to perform across the city. He also began advocating against bullying, sharing his experience on national television. He had effectively reconstructed his tribulations and was exploring ways to share the experience with others.

Stefan took time away from music to pursue an education, spending time working for major record labels, and learning the business structure necessary for an independent label. After college, he began organizing independent artists to tour the northeast region of the US, and performed under the name “Aries”. He consecutively toured under his current name as an alt-EDM/Hip-Hop DJ throughout the five boroughs. During this time, he co-founded Play It Forward NY with his mother, which provides free monthly support groups and resources to children and teens experiencing bullying in Staten Island, NY. He has continued to share his experience and advocate on the issue on local and national news media, and with local politicians.

Finally, in 2014, Stefan took one last pause from creating music to solidify the structure of Red Planet Records, LLC,  co-founding the label with his younger brother, Jordan Barone. Since the label’s creation, the two have worked tirelessly on completing construction of their studio, now ready to work on their debut LP’s. Stefan’s newest work combines lyrical technicality, activism, and human emotion over piano and synth compositions, continuing to showcase sentiment in the same fashion that originally summoned him to hip-hop.

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