Jordan Barone and Eddy I. Hint at New Collaboration With Promo Video for Upcoming Show

TSFlyerWithRPRSITE (1).jpg

Upon releasing a promotional video for their upcoming “NYC x BOSTON” performance in Staten Island, NY on Mar 1st, some Jordan Barone and Eddy I. fans noticed a beat that may have sounded familiar. Recently, the two have documented their time in the studio together on social media, and if you were paying attention, you may have realized you have heard the beat on their Instagram stories before. It’s a subtle hint, but the beat comes at about 0:53 in the promotional video, while the flyer for the event displays. There are no present lyrics, but Barone and Mr. I. (along with Red Planet C.E.O., Stefan Barone) have hinted at the #PlanetSalsa (a play on the Red Planet Records and Team Salsa brands associated with each act) collaboration. Fans have yet to know if #PlanetSalsa is a single track, or will be a full project in the future, but the show may feature the song.

For the fans really paying attention, the first song used in the promotional video is from a song which has come to be known as “Street Lights”, which Barone has performed multiple times at past shows, but has yet to release.

Overall, the “NYC x BOSTON” show has promised to fulfill fans with their regular dose of brand new music. The cross-city music showcase was created by local artist and curator, Jahtiek Long, better known in the music world by his MDXV moniker. This is the second installment in the series, following last year’s “NYC x LONDON”, which featured London rapper, Fifth, along with local Staten Island, NY acts like Jordan, Brand Nu, Mercury and the Architects, and MDXV himself. Tonight’s Mar 1st, 8pm-12am performance will feature SI natives Jordan Barone, Eddy I. , and MDXV, along with Boston’s own G.G.B. , and Greg Close, making a stop from their 2019 “The Weigh Up” tour.

Purchase tickets for “NYC x BOSTON” happening at Amendment 18, in Staten Island, NY.